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Make Friends and Hit those Friends

Wanna be a Fabulous? We want you!

Is Roller Derby your calling? Do you get a rush when you think of wheels under your feet? Does the thought of gearing up for a game fill you with indescribable joy? 

Roller Derby may be for you!

But don't worry though, while some derby players are born most are made! Here at Sin City Roller Derby, we make sure our fresh meat are taught all they need to know to start their Roller Derby Journey. From basic skating to derby strategy, our coaches lead you step by step through the ins and outs of this crazy sport we all love.

What You   Will Need

What You Will Need
  • Quad Rollerskates (removable toe stops)

  • Helmet

  • Knee and Elbow pads

  • Wrist Guards

  • Mouth guard ​

...And Determination

Check out Death Drop Skate Shop for all of your gear!

The PUNisher #123 photo by VegasShooter

Death Drop Skates-transparent BG.png

Ready to   Start?

Already in love?

Click the link below to get in contact with our recruiter!

Don't want to  skate? 
Hitting not for you?

That's okay too!


There are plenty of other ways to be involved with Sin City Roller Derby! 

We are always in need of skating and non-skating officials to help with our league. Derby doesn't work without them!

Reach out to to find our more information on how you can get involved. 


All officials photos by Jenni Webber Photography

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