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hink you got what it takes? Ready to find out more about the fastest growing sport in America?
General Info:
If you would like to become a Fabulous Sin City Rollergirl, please email us at and one of the coaches will email you with up to date information. We will be having multiple classes throughout the year for new skaters, with our next class starting real soon. We will start every class with basics such as stops, falls, and skater endurance. This leads up to learning actual derby play and strategy.
Each skater will need quad skates (preferably with removable toe stops), knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, moldable mouth guard, and safety rated helmet.
All skaters must be 18 years old or over at the sign up date. Our monthly dues are $30-40 depending on the level of training you are in at the time. Once you reach the contact portion of training you will be required to purchase Women’s Flat Track Derby Insurance. It is an annual payment of $70, and pro-rated if purchased later in the year. And all fresh meat(new skaters) will be required a certain amount of volunteer time within the league as a Non-Skating Official.
We play under the rules of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. Check out their website!
Women’s Flat Track Derby
What if I want to become a referee or Non-Skating Official?
Awesome! We love our referee’s and NSO’s!! Email us and we can send you details!
Transfer skaters can email our fresh meat coaches and will be directed to the appropriate contact within the league.